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uhh i woke up late but i dreamt ABOUT GOING TO A CONVENTION! AGAIN! THIS IS THE 4TH TIME THIS WEEK! but this time the convention center actually reminded me of anime boston!! usually my convention dreams are VERY tiny convention centers. anyways i bought something, but i paid in boxed anime figures called figma. i had 20 to begin with. 20 boxes of figma. they were all the same figma too. they were the legend of zelda link figmas. and i spent most of them in like 3 minutes, and i told my dad i needed more, and he got angry. thats all i remember. i also dreamt i got chinese food at 4 am and my mom was like "hey wanna get your nails done" even though it was 4 am. also after i woke up i went on tumblr real quick and. vivian had a breakdown while i was asleep and. they were crying????? and i like... think thats cute :-/ ok fam ok. I ALSO THOUGHT IT WAS THE 3RD ALL DAY YESTERDAY LIKE IT WAS THE 2ND BUT I SWEAR TO GOD IT WAS THE 3RD???? LIKE EVERYWHERE I LOOKED IT SAID IT WAS THE 3RD BUT AT LIKE 10:30 PM AFTER I TOOK MY SHOWER TO GO TO BED I LOOKED AT MY CALENDER AND IT WAS THE 2ND. i dont even know tbh.



11:35 A.M. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD IM GOING TO ANIME BOSTON ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY AND STAYING AT HOTEL OVERNIGHT FOR THAT AGDJGDSBGJBHDJSBVDHRKVBHSRVV. also.... oh god in 10 days it'll be ONE YEAR since he left me and did ALL THAT STUFF TO ME D: im really scared tbh. i woke up late AGAIN!!! also i havent really eaten since 4-5 pm yesterday. i mean, i ate some ice cream and some chips between then, but i ate VERY LITTLE to actually count. so im starving. BUT 3! MORE!! WEEKS!!! until the big game


i wanted to watch madoka magica over the weekend but i forgot to! i went to savers and bought a playstation 2 and a fondue maker and i was more excited for the fondue maker. i woke up at 4 am. im really scared because in one week it'll be one year since HE left me and im scared blues will leave me like HE did... im really tired but im ok. 18 days until THE BIG GAME