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11:48 A.M. whoa cant believe its recess already. thats nice. i made a poetry blog yesterday, but im afraid if someone from school finds it theyll read it, and that blog contains personal info. anywayssss i barely ate yesterday (bagels, ham sandwich, and rice) and i look freakin fabulous today. my eyeliner looks GOOD. 👌 yes. oops one more minute of recess gtgggg


i skipped school yesterday and had some kinda breakdown. also i dreamed about this girl who betrayed me back in august but then i thought deep and hard and remembered things that caused her to betray me and i realized its my fault so once i get home from homework club im writing an apology letter to her and gonna send it to blues so he can send it to her since he and her are mutuals on tumblr and she has me blocked like EVERYWHERE. wait i remade my twitter and she doesnt have me blocked on there i think so maybe i can unblock her on twitter and send her the apology on there. yea im gonna write it on the writing page on This Website and copy and paste it to her sounds Good. also its really warm and im reminded of anime boston 2015. ok gtg bye

2:58 P.M. guuurl wassup i totally forgot to mention earlier im getting $145+ because im selling my givenchy shirt on ebay YOOO. also i wrote up my apology for valentine and im gonna send it to her via twitter later once i get home from homework club. anyways i threw an empty water bottle at josh in lunch. i want to Go Home RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! i HATE HOMEWORK!!!!! >:( dgbhbvghbcshvgbhgvebh. im really nervous about my apology to valentine. shes 99% likely to not forgive me. i really wanna talk to her again and hang out with her at anime boston (31 DAYS UNTIL AB!!!!) but i remembered a while ago she tweeted how she was gonna not go to anime boston so she could afford surgery for something. she didnt mention the surgery so.


did you know if you shoot yourself you wont feel anything? once you pull the trigger its over.

2:17 PM hey school can you please end. Now. I WANT MY MONEY NNNNOW but i cant get it until like. right before anime boston. asdfghj