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????? i broke up with zach yesterday. i wasnt able to update the previous 4 days because nothing happendd and i wansnt in school,.,, anywyas when i broek up wiht him he told me he never loved me in the firwts place and dated me just for atatentuon :D annd then he staretd acting abusive an d said he had it worse than me and said someone i knew woudl never love me e!! ii feel sick and i wasnt avle to get my science hoemwojr done and imn gonna have a opanci attack in clas right now and i feel sick i feel sick i wanna throw up im gonna break down in the middile of clas sits all my fault an d :)))) i m gioign to die!!! my throat feels like its splitting open it hruts so ba d and !!!!! im goigh to be alone this valentines day oh gdo im gonna be sick im goj na be sick im so tired im so tieed mmyd reams are just demons lying yo me im scare dto sleep aand im goign to die oh ggo d im gona break down andf its not even the afterniiin yet !!;) wwhat if i was always lied to when people said the y loved me because he told me he love d me everyday and turns out he enevrr loved me !!!!!!!!!!!! oh tahst why he never tagged me in stuf f oin tumblr hge necer lov e dm e oh god im in so mcuh pain and im going to throw uip everywhjere i know i waa s out of schoolm for 4 days but idc i wanna go home i swearb to god if i do anythign ill throw up everywhrre my throat hurts so ba d leav e me alon e teachers !!! helpp me


11:35 A.M. ooo we got no school for a week after today ayy. sorry for not updating for 3 days i had a cold. also, zach goes by jasper now. i cant believe what he did last night. he put super personal info about stuff i did on his tumblr. in front of everyone. he is mean to me and he doesnt respect me and he doesnt appreciate anything that i do!!! luckily my friend rose is by my side :') thankies @ rose. anywayssss im getting money on my paypal soon Thats Nice.


??? A.M. hi sorry for not updating in so long. i was on vacation. lots of stuff happened. i got in some bad stuff and had a horrible panic attack and also i went to coco keys which is an indoor water park and had a great time. also i slept in until 1-2 pm a lot and ive started writing poetry and just did a lot of NOTHING. i got my hair cut+dyed and i look amazing.