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??? i had a panic attack yesterday :') and zach was barely online at all yesterday haha

2:03 P.M. hudfyufrhufw im @ the counselors office like i usually am on thursday and i??? actually understand something in math for once??????????????????????? but not really lol it was too good to be true. anyways if i have another panic attack today i SWEAR TO GOD AND ALL THAT IS HOLY I WILL idk lol but i got Them Homework Club (aka trash squad) today :')))))))))) Whyy This


1:14 P.M. WOOOOOOOOO VLACS!!! I CAN WORK ON MY SITE YAAAASSS. anyways me and zach talked yesterday but couldnt call but thats ok BECAUSE IM GONNA CALL HIM AFTER SCHOOL TODAY!!! also, my brother spread this rumor that we're going to st martin (or however its spelled) sometime. what the hell????? i havent been there since i was 6 (7 years ago.... 7 years) and besides, id rather go to florida >:( thats where zach lives. i swear to god if i have to go to st martin im gonna SCREAM!!! because i couldnt go to oregon for christmas because of "no money" so what difference will this make??? oh, i know why i have to go to tropical island in the middle of nowhere and not see the people who matter a lot to me: its because my PARENTS WANT ME TO DIE AND THEY HATE ME!!! its so screwed up!!! that they wont let me see these people YET GO ON A TRIP THATLL COST LIKE $3000!!! like plane tickets are like $500 to go there and theres 4 of us... meanwhile oregon plane tickets are $250 and florida tickets are only $150. this is SO SCREWED UP!!! i constantly have to do this, but they never let me see these people that im living for. why do they hate me so much? why do they think i cant see through their lies??? they can probably see into my head and they probably know that im surviving solely on these people so they make sure i dont visit them. WHY DO THEY HATE ME!!!

1:42 P.M. i only have 3 minutes to write this but whatever lol :) idk what to say


10:29 A.M. sorry for not updating i was busy doing nothing the whole weekend lol. nothing happened over the weekend. zach got kinda angry at me for no reason but then he felt better which is nice i guess.