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??? A.M. i went to the con yesterday. it was SOOOO LAME!!! i went for an hour and left. i mean, yeah the furries were cool, but it was TINY! this is only their second year doing this, so... BUT! i met a popular fursuitter and got a picture of me and them! :O but yeah the dealers room was small. i spent $35 for a picture but its gonna be WORTH IT!!! after the con i went to savers and got a ton of food >:} the food was good. i was SO TIRED on my way home but it was only 5 P.M. so when i got home i called zach and trip for 3 hours and crashed. i was so tired i didnt take a shower and i woke up at 7:30 A.M. instead of 6 A.M. but yeah thats how my sunday went!!!!

??? P.M. I HAVE OFFICIALLY RUN OUT OF IDEAS FOR THIS!!! i dont understand anything about the apartheid!!!

3:08 P.M. i got like no homework. i wanna!! be home right now and talk to my bf!!! i wish i brought my phone to school today so i could text my mom to come get me!! oh well at least i look good B).


11:40 A.M. its recess!! my nose is runny and its cold outside and im sweaty now!!! we have a test in science today pls wish me luck!!! i played splatoon last night for the first time in WEEKS!! it was so fun i called zach while playing! kylie is in here listening to band things and it sounds so good ..... i love it.... i woke up at 6 A.M. and didnt feel tired for once!!! even though i went to bed at 10 P.M. last night!!! theres no homework club today so thats nice~ OMG! I FORGOT! ITS ME AND ZACH'S 1 WEEK ANNIVERSARY!!!! :O! omgggg! in other news ive been crampy lately x( idk why!! well, tmi but it cant be "that time". also tmi i havent had it in almost 7 months sooo...

1:51 P.M. i went home around 12:30 because i had horrible cramps. i feel a lot better now but oh my god i almost died


11:37 A.M. UGGGHHHH!!! zach wasnt online AT ALL yesterday!!! i was SO bored. other things that happened included: finding out the creator of floraverse (fav webcomic!!) is a bad person and someone i follow on tumblr wouldnt unfollow mortis even though that person i followed helped me cope while mortis ruined my life!!!! the person i followed was like "UM SWEETIE didnt you stalk mortis???? im not unfollowing him because hes cool (:" like???? how DISGUSTING can you get???? you knew what he did and everything YET YOU STILL THINK HES COOL????? ur so gross and! i hate you! :D anyways life SUCKS!!! my back hurts SO BAD!!! i cant exercise because of it and i embarrassed myself yet again in gym and health! but besides, whos great idea was it to HAVE A GYM CLASS IN HEALTH, WHICH IS DIRECTLY AFTER GYM? and lachlin (or however you spell his weird white kid name) was PISSING ME OFF!!! GOD!!!!!!!!! i have homework club today too which is JUST GREAT!!!! :') and my friend has a crush on zach and like??? i dont care but if she enters our relationship im just afraid zach will give her more attention than me like im not gonna date her zach can do what he wants but ohhh my god...

2:50 P.M. homework club blues :') ugh this kid is pissing me off so bad he keeps talking back and HE NEEDS! TO! STOP!!! anyways uGHHHH im so bored i had like NO HOMEWORK other than reading that I DONT EVEN HAVE TO HAVE DONE until next week, but i did it anyways because ehhh why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ im so hungry i ate lunch and took like 5 bites of these weird organic spaghetti-Os then almost gagged like they were good but??? i wanted to throw up anyways???? and like idk anything about what we're doing in math class im sure gonna get a D- in that class!!! :')