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11:33 A.M. me and zach called for 5 hours last night! once i got home from school he was online and we called!!! i had to stay at homework club THE WHOLE TIME (had to stay until 3:30) and when i got home i was like "HE BETTER BE ONLINE". I JUST HAD TO GO OUTSIDE TO GET THE RECYCLING BINS I AM.... DISGUSTED!!! IT WAS SO COLD!!! furry... convention... tomorrow.... i wont have my head done in time LOL TTuTT anyways!!! i keep remembering mortis AKA the person who RUINED MY LIFE when i was 12 and i wanted to throw up in science class!!! lately i keep remembering him IDK WHY! but like me and zach when on his blog last night and he was talking about how he was "cute" and stuff and HE SAYS HE HAS THE SAME MENTAL ILLNESS THAT I HAVE THAT MADE HIM LEAVE ME????!!!!! and hes claiming IM an abuser im CRYIN!!! also i keep thinking about his nasty voice and crusty face and i legit wanna throw up i had to dismiss myself to go to the bathroom and take deep breaths hahaha! i made a call out post for him on tumblr last night and like im wondering if he vagued me on tumblr (vagueing is when someone says stuff like "omg ____ is so _____" without saying who it is)............. hes so GROSS I HATE HIM!!! like he legit RUINED MY LIFE he got that EDGY TUMBLR ART STYLE and he claims to have been abused and !!!!!!! IM DYINgGGGGG OMGGGGGG... like... someone as cute as me didnt deserve to be abused by their CRUSTY SELF!!! and theyre claiming weird stuff about me that isnt true its WILD!!! anyways please avoid he nasty! geeezzzzz


10:08 A.M. yo me and 41rats got in a fight yesterday LOLOOL but i said sorry (didnt mean it shh) AND OH MY GOD????? MY "FRIEND" BETRAYED ME????? SHE RANDOMLY CAME UP TO ME ON SKYPE AND STARTED RANDOMLY CALLING ME NAMES?! anyways i cut her off HHAAAAAA. ALSO!!!! once i got home from school i called and zach and we called for not 1, not 2, but 10 hours. thats right we called for 10 hours. from 3 P.M. to 1 A.M. lots of stuff happened lol. uhhh i didnt finish my fursuit head TTuTT so im going to the con without it R.I.P me... maybe i can convince my mom to let me commission a head as an early b-day present since my birthday is in 4 months.......... Hmmmm............ anyways ill update when i get back from the con BYE!!!


10:02 A.M. what the hell!!!! i couldnt go to the con yesterday due to """""snow"""""!!!! im going today, but NO ONE goes to a con on sunday IM!!! SO MAD!!!! and to make matters worse, my bf and trip arent online!!!!!!!!!!! whaaaatever.