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AAAAAA ITS RECESS AND IM WAITING TO GO TO ANIME BOSOTN AND D IM LITERALLY GOIGN TO HAVE A HEART ATATCK BECAYSE IM GETTIGN OVERSENSORY STUFF and im DYING™ oh ym goddd im lieyterally shaking relaly badly not JSUt because of AB but because of my fav person and im starvign adn im shakignn soo babadd andn IM TRAPPED im Dyign i wish he would shut uP GO AWWAY omgg omg omg omg omg omgggggg aaaaa!!!!


SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING OMG... the con was AMAZING. i met a famous artist in the artists alley, watched summer wars, went to a concert (it was nano.RIPE! they were SO GOOD), met a tumblr mutual (only for a couple of seconds but we hugged so), bought $200 worth of stuff and got free stuff at the swapmeet, pLAYED POPN MUSIC!!, went to the cheesecake factory, watched a girl lick this guy's cheek when i was in line at coldstone creamery, bought a burger for $9, almost had an anxiety attack, AND HAD THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE!!!!! easter was good too. i went to my aunts and saw Babies.