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DUDE I GOT MY $155 IN MY PAYPAL YESTERDAY!!!! i ended up buying $55 worth of pop'n music merchandise WHOOPS. i still got $100 so im gonna buy more merch YAAAAY. yesterday was a good day even though it rained!!!


sorry for not updating.... i was sick as heck! i was tired and was constantly sleeping and then i threw up and felt better. i spent ALL MY MONEY and went to savers yesterday and bought nekomimi ears for $13 even though theyre like $100+ on amazon. swagging. ANIME BOSTON IN 4 DAYS IM YELLING. on my thiscrush some person (im pretty sure it was cam) called me a disgusting potato and an abuser. people are really reaching... :/ i just fell asleep for 50 minutes in the nurse's office. i was about to throw up during science so i went to the nurse's and ending up falling asleep oops! i woke up and my wrist hurt badly because i kept it in one spot the whole time. also IT SNOWED EVEN THOUGH ITS THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING! WE GOT LIKE A FOOT!!! what the hell?! we had a 2 hour delay though so thats nice. even though i just got over some kinda sickness that made me sleep like 18 hours, i have a cold i think! my nose is all runny and i keep sneezing! why this :( oh well.


TOMORROW! ANIME BOSTON IS TOMORROW!!! im tired and gotta PACK after school! today