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i got really depressed yesterday and cried for around an hour and a half total. whatever. i woke up on time for once. i kind of have a headache still from yesterday. i keep thinking its friday but its not. im hungry and my adderall has worn off and now im EXHAUSTED. uggghhhhh whatever. we're watching the giver movie in school and even though the movie is terribly inaccurate to the book it has a REALLY good soundtrack. i cant wait to watch it again soon i guess. also i forgot but i dont have to do gym class anymore!! the counselors noticed i keep missing school on wednesdays only (gym days) and i told them it was gym and now if i keep up work in science i can stop going to gym. thats nice. i also made a witchsona (basically a character that represents you but as A Witch. kinda like a fursona/persona/whatever) in science. mrs. k substituted for music (?!?!) and she yelled at us and said we arent special.


11:39 A.M. its warm as heck today. its gonna be like 70 degrees F. i ate lime habanaro shrimp ramen and my mouth literally died. it was the spiciest thing of all time. i only had 2 bites until i dumped it out. i tried to wash the ramen (by putting water in the bowl and dumping the water out) but it didnt work. NASTY !!! 16 days until AB!


its official!! im not going to homework club anymore!!!!!! also i have science midterms today. HELL. also its really warm again today... YEA thats cool it feels like summer. 15 more days!

im so tired. my stomach got upset before science class and i spent like 10 minutes in the bathroom and i could fall asleep right now and its so warm and i keep thinking about twenty one pilots songs and im so damn tired. at least the first day of science midterms is over! its really cloudy out and i hope it rains But Not Really because im enjoying this very much.