welcome to the mind of crime...


11:46 A.M. im at school right now, working on this. i added this page and fixed up a page. we had a long weekend, and yesterday was me and vivian's 4 month best friend anniversary (=;w;=) i did nothing but i spent a long time on homework last night and tried to fur my fursuit head. it SUCKED because we bought some really cheap fur, so i ditched that and went online. also, my back started to hurt super duper baaaaad (=>,<=). i finished my homework this morning. ill edit this later if anything good happens. lol.

9:53 P.M. i had a panic attack and got a boyfriend. his name is zach.

i love him.


??? A.M. idk what im doing LOL

11:36 A.M.its currently indoor recess with the 5-8 graders. it was REALLY hectic trying to get into the computer lab.

??? P.M. get me out of here


11:36 A.M. back at it again in the computer lab >:} yesterday was OK. i worked on my fursuit head before bed. james started crying in the shower over our dead hamster again. like chill!!! hes just a hamster!!! anyways, school has been OK so far. im getting a B in science, so thats good. i almost got a D when i first came back to this school :P uhh... OH YEAH. FURRY CONVENTION IN 2 DAYS!!! my mom said if that blizzard that was said to hit hit us, i wouldnt be able to go, but this morning i found out that the blizzard is moving south, away from here! :D me and zach called on skype for 2 hours last night. i skipped afterschool homework club just to talk to him (got out at 2:30 P.M.) but he didnt get home until 4:30 P.M. :/ silly me LOL. vivian isnt my favorite person anymore, since zach is now ;v;. i didnt get any HW done last night... haha... with all the stuff thats going on (con preparation (i plan to pull an all nighter on friday to finish my head), bf, homework) i havent been able to draw outside of school. ok i have nothing else to talk about now. BYE FOR NOW